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Student Profile Series: M'Kayla Duncan

Name: M'Kayla Duncan

Age: 23

Where do you live? What’s cool about it?

I grew up in south Mississippi, and currently reside in southeast Louisiana, which is where my entire family is from. My favorite thing about both states is definitely the culture!

What would surprise people about you if they found out?

I work in insurance, and have for nearly four years now.

How long have you been singing/playing?

I got interested in singing when I was around eleven – but didn't start taking it seriously until I was eighteen. As far as's still a learning process, haha!

Have you had any funny things happen while you were singing?

Yes – Stamps-Baxter 2014. I was singing in a girls' trio, and we were performing for a class one day in hopes of auditioning. We made it through the first verse, and the chorus, but then, ALL THREE of us forgot the second verse! Definitely a lesson in always being prepared! ;) (By the way, we made it to auditions, and were chosen to perform for the closing!)

How did you become interested in Southern Gospel music?

I grew up listening to Southern Gospel. It's all I knew. My mom pretty much found every concert in the state to go to, and my sisters and I went with her. I was introduced to Convention music when I was eighteen.

Who's your favorite artist currently performing? Who's your favorite of all time?

Currently, it would have to be The Isaacs. My all-time favorite is definitely The Speers. (I'm real big on family harmony, in case you couldn't tell.)

When was the first time you came to the school? Why did you decide to attend?

My first summer was in July of 2013. I had heard of Stamps before, but actually having the opportunity to go never crossed my mind. I went to another singing school in Alabama where I met a teacher who also taught at Stamps, and she asked me if I would consider going. This was June, and we had about two weeks until Stamps started, so it was very short notice. I said “If I can get a scholarship, I'll go.” Next thing I know, I get a scholarship! (Fun fact: my first Stamps scholarship came from Gerald Wolfe of Greater Vision).

How many times have you been to the school?

July of 2017 marked my fifth summer at the school.

What do you feel is the most important thing you learned during your time at the school?

Your talent is God's gift – use it wisely, or He may take it back.

What did you learn that you have used the most since attending?

Being humble – in all aspects of life – goes a LONG way.

What was your favorite concert during the school?

The Nelons. Amber Nelon-Thompson is one of my favorite female vocalists.

Did you make any friends at the school you still keep in touch with?

Pretty much all of them :) I have met some of my very best friends at this school, from various states - even countries.

We at the school want to thank M'Kayla for being willing to be profiled! If you'd like to participate in our series, just download our questionnaire at Fill it out and send it, along with a picture of yourself, back to us at - it's that easy!

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