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Tell a friend about the school and, if they attend, you'll get a $100 credit on your bill!
There's no cap on referrals - refer four friends, get $400 which means your tuition is effectively FREE!
You can use the credits for tuition, private lessons, campus housing - it's up to you.
No referral links or special codes to worry about.
If your friend writes your name on their application
when asked who referred them and they've never attended before, you get the credit.

The Details


This program is open only to alumni who refer a new student.

Qualifying Referrals:

To qualify, the referred student must enter the name of the referring student in their application and pay their tuition bill in full by the May 31 deadline.

$100 Credit:

For each qualifying referral, the referring student will receive a $100 credit on their bill.

There is no cap on the number of qualifying referrals.


Credits may be used for tuition, private lessons, or lodging on campus.


If a student's credits exceed their bill, they may choose to apply the excess to a future year, but the excess will never be exchangeable for cash. (i.e., if your bill is $450 and you refer five new students, you can choose to apply $50 towards the next school year, but you cannot receive the $50 in cash)

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