Tell a friend about the school and, if they attend, you'll get a $100 credit on your bill!


There's no cap on referrals - refer four friends, get $400, and your tuition is FREE!


You can use the credits for tuition, private lessons, campus housing - it's up to you.


No referral links or special codes to worry about - if your friend writes your name on their application when asked who referred them, you get the credit.

The Details


This program is open only to alumni who refer a new student.

Qualifying Referrals:

To qualify, the referred student must enter the name of the referring student in their application and pay their tuition bill in full by the May 31 deadline.

$100 Credit:

For each qualifying referral, the referring student will receive a $100 credit on their bill.

There is no cap on the number of qualifying referrals.


Credits may be used for tuition, private lessons, or lodging on campus.


If a student's credits exceed their bill, they may choose to apply the excess to a future year, but the excess will never be exchangeable for cash. (i.e., if your bill is $450 and you refer five new students, you can choose to apply $50 towards the nextschool year, but you cannot receive the $50 in cash)